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Madam Jo-jo
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 45[1]
"Good stranger, you look for the Egyptian one?"
― Madam Jo-jo, MediEvil 2

Madam Jo-jo (born c. 1840) is a character from MediEvil 2.


Jo-jo is the owner of the club in Whitechapel. When Sir Dan enters it, she informs him that Kiya was there and that she went looking for Jack the Ripper. Before sending him after her, she also gives him a Life Bottle.


  • (to Dan, about Kiya) "She was here, I told her what's been happening, but the Ripper, he's been working through all my girls. I think she's gone to find him. I tried to stop her, but she's a headstrong girl. If she means anything to you, you'd better find her before it's too late. Quick, hurry to the clock tower..."


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