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The Heroes
Biographical information
AKA Heroes of the Hall
Heroes of Gallowmere

The Heroes are the legendary warriors of Gallowmere. Due to their heroic deeds, they were chosen to inhabit the Hall of Heroes in the afterlife, where they spend an eternity resting, feasting and exchanging tales of their greatest victories.

Chalice challenge

After Sir Daniel Fortesque is resurrected from the dead by his archnemesis, the evil wizard Zarok, the mythical heroes of Gallowmere set a challenge for him in the form of the Chalices of Souls. Dan was to prove himself their equal by filling and collecting all of them. After having done so, the Gargoyles gave Dan permanent access to the Hall of Heroes.[1]

Known members

Behind the scenes


According to Jason Wilson, no proper artwork of the heroes exists, as they were designed very quickly. Some of them are based on members of the development team.[2]


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