Draft:Deluxe Elephant-Bot

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Deluxe Elephant-Bot
Gameplay information
Health 250

The Deluxe Elephant-Bot is the second boss in MediEvil 2. It is fought in The Freakshow level.

Official description

This deluxe model comes standard with bullet-proof glass - drat! We're going to have to use ingenuity to take this beast out. Luckily, he's found inside the big top, where all of the heavy Elephant-Bot building is done. Hanging from three different locations inside are three two-ton Elephant-Bot pieces. In order to defeat this Bot, we're going to have to activate each accompanying switch as he passes right underneath each piece, resulting in the metal crashing down onto his hide. Repeating this process three time will bring success and allow you to exit the level.


Although it looks like a Standard Elephant-Bot at first, you'll notice that you can't shoot at the Imp because of the bullet-proof glass protecting him. However, there are three, metallic hanging pieces suspended in the air by magnetic pulleys in the area, which we can use to our advantage. Hop over the gate and head for the switch sitting up on the platform. You can use the DanCam if you want to know how close the Elephant-Bot is. Wait patiently for it to approach. Avoid it's fire and turn the lever as soon as it is under the hanging piece. If you miss, don't worry. The pulley will reset itself and you can give it another go. Once you hit it, move over to another switch. Repeat the process two more times to defeat it.