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An Introduction to MediEvil

MediEvil is a series of hack and slash action-adventure video games exclusive to PlayStation consoles. It is centred around the adventures of the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque from the fictional kingdom of Gallowmere. The games are visually and thematically inspired by German Expressionism, Gothic horror, English folklore, as well as late 20th century horror films such as The Evil Dead — the name MediEvil, a portmanteau of the words "medieval" and "evil", was the original title of the third Evil Dead film.

Medievil Times — The Latest News from Gallowmere

MediEvil 2 Remake Coming Soon?! — April 18, 2024

Just days since the re-release of the original MediEvil, a new rumour has begun to spread. It is alleged that a MediEvil 2 remake, in development since 2021, will be announced. This remake is supposedly developed by Other Ocean Interactive, creators of the 2019 remake of MediEvil. It is said that the remake will not be 1:1 like the 2019 remake of the first game was and will cost a lot more than it did.
The source of the rumour is Orangee, an insider who has previously revealed information about a supposed Gravity Rush 2 remaster. The story was covered by Twisted Voxel soon after the messages were initially posted in the Team Alua Discord community. However, Twisted Voxel misinterpreted what was said, and went on to claim that the game would be "shadowdropped in May."
Though we don't know the veracity of any of these claims, we hopefully won't have to wait long to find out if they are true! Stay tuned for more updates.

The Original MediEvil is Coming to PS4 and PS5! — April 11, 2024

The trophy list for the original MediEvil was initially leaked on April 5, 2024 when it showed up on the PlayStation Network and was immediately included on trophy tracking websites such as Exophase and PSN Profiles.
Yesterday, on April 10, 2024, the game was finally confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation Plus Premium in six days, on April 16, 2024.
As always, the game will be enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, custom video filters and trophy support. It will be available as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium service but will also be available for purchase separately.

MediEvil Project in the Works at PlayStation Productions! — August 23, 2023

Sir Dan was spotted in a new PlayStation Productions video by X user @realradec! Soon after, two writers, Ben Mekler and Chris Amick, reposted @realradec's post, teasing their involvement in what is presumably a MediEvil project.
Ben Mekler had previously expressed interest in working on a MediEvil adaptation back in April 2020. One of the Other Ocean developers, Mike Mika, offered to help with making it a reality.
If the project has been in the works since at least late 2020, then it might mean it is nearing its release, or at least an official announcement. Let's hope we get more details soon!

Visit the MediEvil Times Archive for older news!

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Sir Dan in London.
Sir Daniel Fortesque (1254 – 1286) was a knight of the kingdom of Gallowmere. In 1286, he was charged with leading the militia into battle against the rebelling court magician Zarok in what would become known as the Battle of Gallowmere. Ignobly, Sir Dan was killed by the first volley of arrows. The king, unimpressed with Dan's performance, weaved a legend about the felled warrior, declaring him the Hero of Gallowmere.

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