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An Introduction to MediEvil

MediEvil is a series of hack and slash action-adventure video games exclusive to PlayStation consoles. It is centred around the adventures of the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque from the fictional kingdom of Gallowmere. The games are visually and thematically inspired by German Expressionism, Gothic horror, English folklore, as well as late 20th century horror films such as The Evil Dead — the name MediEvil, a portmanteau of the words "medieval" and "evil", was the original title of the third Evil Dead film.

Medievil Times — The Latest News from Gallowmere

MediEvil Project in the Works at PlayStation Productions! — August 23, 2023

Sir Dan was spotted in a new PlayStation Productions video by X user @realradec! Soon after, two writers, Ben Mekler and Chris Amick, reposted @realradec's post, teasing their involvement in what is presumably a MediEvil project.
Ben Mekler had previously expressed interest in working on a MediEvil adaptation back in April 2020. One of the Other Ocean developers, Mike Mika, offered to help with making it a reality.
If the project has been in the works since at least late 2020, then it might mean it is nearing its release, or at least an official announcement. Let's hope we get more details soon!

MediEvil: Resurrection Now Available on PS4 and PS5! — August 15, 2023

MediEvil: Resurrection is the first MediEvil game to receive an emulated port through the PlayStation Plus Premium service! First released in 2005, MediEvil: Resurrection is a retelling of the original MediEvil featuring new plot elements, levels and characters.
The game has been enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, custom video filters and trophy support. It is available as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium service but can also be bought separately. Find out more here.

Fan Spotlight: Resident MediEvil! — August 11, 2023

Talented modder Glitch5970 has brought your favourite skeleton to another Evil franchise. That's right, now you can play through the new Resident Evil 4 remake as Sir Daniel Fortesque! Other than his standard appearance, players can also play as Dan wearing the Super Armour, the Dragon Armour, as well as living Dan!
Check out the mod here! Also check out Glitch's previous MediEvil mods for Resident Evil 4 remake here and here.

Everybody's Golf 2 Debuts on Modern PlayStation Consoles! — January 17, 2023

The sequel to the original Everybody's Golf (also known as Hot Shots Golf in the US), Everybody's Golf 2 has just made its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. First released in 2000 for the original PlayStation, the game delivers "a comprehensive golfing experience, with a wacky sense of humour." It also features three guest stars from other PlayStation games, one of whom is none other than Sir Daniel Fortesque himself!
This version is enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, custom video filters and trophy support, including a trophy for unlocking Sir Dan in the game's versus mode. The game is available as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium service but can also be bought separately. Find out more here.

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Featured Article

Rolling Demo splash screen.

The MediEvil Rolling Demo is a version of MediEvil that is 400 days older than the final version of the game. The demo was released on two PAL region demo discs in late 1997 – Winter Releases '97 demo 01 and Registered Users Demo 02 – the former of which was given out at the European Computer Trade Show. Files on the discs suggest that the demo finished development around August 14, 1997.

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A MediEvil remake trailer showing off positive reviews and scores.

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