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Karl Sturnguard
Biographical information
Gender Male
"Ah Herr Fortesque - you are back on the battlefield, yah? Zis is good."
― Karl Sturnguard, MediEvil

Karl Sturnguard is a character and a hero from MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. Upon meeting him, he rewards Daniel with his Gold Shield.



Karl Sturnguard spent most of his formative years under siege at his family castle. With his impregnable magic shield Sturnguard's motto was 'the best form of attack is defense'. Sadly his shield couldn't protect him from poor eating habits and he died during a post battle feast while swallowing a large sausage he had failed to chew.


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  • "Karl" is the German and Scandinavian form of Charles.[1] It is said to have been derived from a Common Germanic noun karlaz meaning "free man", which survives in English as churl, which developed its deprecating sense in the Middle English period. An alternative theory states that it is derived from the common Germanic element hari meaning 'army, warrior'.[2]


  • Karl is most likely German, due to him saying, "Herr Fortesque" when addressing Dan, instead of "Mr. Fortesque" or simply just "Fortesque", and also because of his use of the word "nein" in place of "no".