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Standard Elephant-Bot
Gameplay information
Health 225
"The Imps are using the Freakshow to build an army of giant elephant-bots. Try and find where they're being constructed and destroy them. If we don't stop them they'll storm the whole city."
Winston Chapelmount, MediEvil 2

Standard Elephant-Bots are enemies from MediEvil 2. They can be found in The Freakshow level.


These mechanical machines, modeled after the elephant, are capable of crushing Sir Dan with their powerful legs. In addition, they can spurt out balls of pure electricity and their hides are made out of impenetrable metal. It's said that the only way to take an Elephant-Bot down is to get behind it and shoot at the unprotected Imp operating the controls from its back. If you use the Daring Dash and run between its legs, then quickly turn around and shoot at the Imp with your Pistol, you should be able to take one out pretty quickly.[1]


  • The Elephant-Bots share many characteristics with the Mecha Imps from the first MediEvil game, so they can be considered as the "countepart" of the Mecha Imps of MediEvil 2.
    • They are both fought in narrow area, bounded by fences.
    • They are both machines controlled by Imps.
    • They both have a similar strategy to beat them: run under their legs, stand behind them and shoot the Imp that controls them.


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