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This template is used to create entries into a releases table.


Type {{ReleaseTableEntry|<...>}} anywhere between {{ReleaseTableBegin}} and {{ReleaseTableEnd}}, with parameters as shown below. See the page list of all MediEvil 2 releases for more examples of usage.


  • serialcheck: The serial to check against the {{RedumpLink}} template (if different from serial).
  • serial: The serial number of this release; leave out if unknown or there isn't one. Will be checked against {{RedumpLink}} if serialcheck isn't specified.
  • name: The name of the release. Always include this.
  • region: Which of the three regions was this released in? Should be either PAL, NTSC-U or NTSC-J. Defaults to PAL.
  • languages: What language options are there within this specific release? Please only include if there are PAL territory languages other than English.
  • mwddate: The date found inside the MWD file. Should be in DD/MM/YYYY format. Always include this.
  • mwdtime: The time found inside the MWD file. Should be in HH:MM:SS 24hr format. Always include this.
  • build: The version number of the build. Either inside MWD file (MediEvil 2) or written on the disc (MediEvil). Defaults to N/A. Leave out if unknown.
  • rowspan: Causes the region, mwddate, mwdtime and build cells to span several table entries. Use this if the listed cells for subsequent entries remain the same (for example, when several demo discs contain the same demo version). The following entries should use the {{ReleaseTableEntryAbridged}} template.


|serialcheck = SCES-02545/0.51
|serial      = SCES-02545
|name        = [[MediEvil 2 0.51|''MediEvil 2'' 0.51]]
|region      = PAL
|languages   = Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
|mwddate     = 29/02/2000
|mwdtime     = 09:34:22
|build       = 0.52