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This template is used to specify a release entry that shares a region, build date and build name with a previous entry; thus only the serial and name of the release are specified. For examples, see the list of all MediEvil releases.


ReleaseTableEntryAbridged should always be used in conjuction with the regular {{ReleaseTableEntry}}. For more information, see the page for {{ReleaseTableEntry}}.


There are three parameters:

  • serialcheck: The serial to check against the {{RedumpLink}} template (if different from serial).
  • serial: The serial number of this release; leave out if unknown or there isn't one. Will be checked against {{RedumpLink}} if serialcheck isn't specified.
  • name: The name of the release. Always include this.


|serialcheck = SCES-02545/0.51
|serial      = SCES-02545
|name        = [[MediEvil 2 0.51|''MediEvil 2'' 0.51]]