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This is a transcription of Zarok's Character Dialogue Casting sheet.


Casting write up.

  • There is no doubt about it, Zarok is a bitter and twisted soul! He was banished from King Peregrins[sic] kingdom for conducting arcane experiments on the bodies of the dead. Zarok thus vowed to destroy Gallowmere as a just punishment!
  • Zarok is a petty villain and will stop at nothing to enslave Gallowmere. He would kill anyone as soon as their back was turned in order to have his own way.
  • At first glance Zarok looks physically like a wizened old man, but there is something very alien and bizzare about the sly ancient wizard.
  • Casting Tips:


Zarok's goal is to enslave Gallowmere. Using his arcane knowledge Zarok has plunged the peaceful land into an eternal night, a night from which none of the mortal inhabitants can awake from! Whilst the people of the land sleep Zarok has raised an army of Zombies and has employed the services of evil Spirits. Cue evil cackling laughter!


  • Zarok was once employed as King Peregrins[sic] in residence Wizard, every King must have one!
  • Zarok has serious problems with authority and is insanely jealous of anyone who can wield power over him. Zarok believes that he is[sic] has supreme authority over all.
  • Zarok was no doubt bullied at Wizard School, and has vowed to make everyone pay for his suffering!
  • Zarok abused the Kings[sic] trust by carrying out dark arcane experiments on the bodies of the dead. Deep within the Castle Dungeon Zarok was preparing an army of zombies to take over the King Peregrins[sic] Castle.
  • Zarok likes Zombies, they cannot answer him back, especially since he has had their mouths sown up!


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