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Medievil Times — The Latest News from Gallowmere

The MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha is Released! — September 17, 2022

The release of this exciting early version of the game was unveiled as part of Project Eclipse led by Hwd45. While the Pre-Alpha is not the earliest version of MediEvil out there (that honour goes to the Rolling Demo), it is the first one that offers us a closer look at the game's many cut levels, including the infamous Jabberwocky chase.
Check out the gameplay video showing off all the levels in the Pre-Alpha and then head on over to Hidden Palace to have a go at playing it yourself!

Waltz of the Dead by Bob and Barn — May 17, 2022

In anticipation of MediEvil's 25th anniversary in 2023, Bob and Barn have released a new MediEvil-inspired track entitled Waltz of the Dead. The track was produced as part of "cross-university scientific research on the potential of NFTs for artists." The stems of the track, as well as the full mix split into two parts, were minted as NFTs on March 19, 2022.
While you may be disappointed by Bob and Barn's production of NFTs, the published track itself is at least worth listening to, so check it out on their YouTube.

Fan Spotlight: You Don't Want to MISS This! — June 26, 2021

MediEvil: Missing Memories is a fan game by Rob (of ResFort fame) that aims to recreate some of the cut levels from MediEvil. It is based on the "few scraps of concept art and information that is out there." The project aims to be as lore-friendly and authentic-feeling as possible, whilst creating some fun little levels that stand on their own.
Check out the teaser trailer and download the Dan's Dance Revolution demo here!

Featured Article

Rolling Demo splash screen.

The MediEvil Rolling Demo is a version of MediEvil that is 400 days older than the final version of the game. The demo was released on two PAL region demo discs in late 1997 – Winter Releases '97 demo 01 and Registered Users Demo 02 – the former of which was given out at the European Computer Trade Show. Files on the discs suggest that the demo finished development around August 14, 1997.

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A MediEvil remake trailer showing off positive reviews and scores.

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