Battle of Gallowmere

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The Battle of Gallowmere
Date 1286
Location Flood lands
The King's Militia
Zarok's Army
Commanders and leaders
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Canny Tim
Zarok the Necromancer
Lord Kardok
"The King's champion, Sir Daniel Fortesque, led the militia into battle against this unholy horde. Songs are still sung of how he spearheaded the charge deep into the accursed multitude, how demons fell before him like wheat before the scythe, and how at last, though mortally wounded, he destroyed the sorcerer utterly."
― The "official" account of the battle.

The Battle of Gallowmere was the final conflict in the war with Zarok. The battle took place in 1286 after Zarok took over the flood lands. The King feared the army of undead would try capture the Enchanted Earth, so he sent his Militia led by Sir Daniel Fortesque to defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all.


According to legend, Zarok summoned Shadow Demons after his banishment to help him build a vast castle where he would plan his revenge. In reality however, Zarok was never banished as the King was unaware of his treachery and he had his castle built while still serving as the King's Court Magician. Once his scheming was complete and his army amassed, Zarok led his horde from his haven through the Silver Mountains and through the Silver Woods and into the pumpkin lands. Although Zarok tried taking Gallows Town using a Jabberwocky, the beast was defeated by Sir Dan. Zarok's army eventually took over the flood lands. The King feared the zombies would try capture the Enchanted Earth, so he once again sent his Militia to stand against Zarok's forces. 


Fortesque falls.

As the battle began, Sir Daniel Fortesque was felled by the very first arrow fired. Gallowmere's Militia pushed on, however, fighting for victory without Dan's leadership. Canny Tim, Daniel's second-in-command, managed to kill Zarok's champion Lord Kardok. The Militia finally emerged victorious.

Although Zarok's body was never found, he was thought to be dead and was proclaimed as such to the people of Gallowmere. All the unholy Shadow Demons that remained in the mortal world were trapped underneath the Enchanted Earth by decree of King Peregrin, their tomb sealed with what became known as the Shadow Artefact.

Embarrassed by Dan's poor performance in the battle, the King saved face by proclaiming Dan a hero. A great crypt was erected in his honour and the graveyard was also named after him.


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