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Hey there, I'm Dan's Friend, the administrator of this Wiki project.

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Some web links with interesting information that I found. Plan to use these in articles eventually.

  • ASA Adjudication for controversial Test Results ad: [1]
  • MediEvil II Strategy Guide on Prima site: [2]
  • 52 Millennium staff became Sony employees when they were bought: [3]
  • US demo disc list: [4][5]
  • PS Underground JamPack 2K website: [6]
  • Press release about multi-million marketing campaign (may or may not include MediEvil): [7]
  • Sony PlayStation press release archive 1997-2000: [8]
  • PlayStation Underground "magazine" info: [9][10]
  • A MediEvil screensaver was available for download on the US PlayStation website as early as 1999: [11]
    • Surviving promo image of the screensaver: [12]
    • Screensaver download page from 2000: [13]
  • PlayStation Underground Winter 1998 JamPack homepage: [14]
  • Japanese MediEvil "recommended retail price" in 2003: [15]
  • SCEE Press Centre: [16]
  • old game listings: [17]
  • upcoming game release dates: [18]

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