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For the boss fight, see the characters, Dogman, and Mander.
Dogman and Mander
Biographical information
Gender Male

Dogman and Mander are bosses in MediEvil 2. They're fought twice: at the end of the Greenwich Naval Academy level, and later at the beginning of The Demon level.


Dogman is slow, but hard hitting. He always attacks with combos that usually stun Dan, leaving him in a vulnerable position to Dogman's attacks. Dogman has a short attack range, and his body is bigger than his partner.

Mander, on the other hand, is faster, and his fighting strategy is to dash around attacking Dan, and then getting out of the Dan's attack range. His body is slimmer than Dogman's, making it harder to hit him. He's also a threat from a long distance, as he can shoot lighting bolts that deal moderate damage.

Dan will face both bosses at the same time. It's very useful to keep running without stopping, and attack Dogman when possible with hit-and-run tactics, to avoid getting stunned by his combos. Once Dogman is down, the player should use ranged attacks against Mander, as his close-ranged attacks, especially his spinning attack, deal a lot of damage.

Alternatively, Dan can run around while charging the Hammer, and unleash its charged attack when one of them gets too close, as the charged attack creates a small explosion.