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Biographical information
Gender Male
Age Late thirties[1]
Born Between 1847 and 1849[a]
Died 1886
Behind the scenes information
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"But master I..."
― Mander, trying to reason with his master.

Mander (died 1886) was a loyal henchmen of Lord Palethorn alongside Dogman.


Before 1886

Mander was educated at the best schools in England - what better place to learn every dirty trick in the book? Loyal to Palethorn out of fear rather than duty, he was exploited and bullied by Palethorn to do his bidding.

The Autumn of Death

As a side effect of the spell cast by Palethorn, Mander was mutated into a creature that revealed his primal nature: he became more reptilian, developing scales and a sibilant hissing voice. To complain to his master about this... would have meant certain death! He was motivated by greed and self-preservation, and supported Palethorn only because no-one else can offer him what he does - which, strangely enough, was relatively nothing.



Mander was a green lizard-like humanoid. He wore a blue jacket, a yellow vest, a white shirt, brown pants and khaki shoes. He also wore a top hat.


Unlike Dogman, Mander was very intelligent, but he was cowardly and reluctant to do Palethorn's bidding. As a result of his mutation, his voice was hissing and sibilant but also cool and calm.

Behind the scenes


Mander's name is short for salamander.



  1. Mander’s age is given as late thirties (meaning he is roughly aged around 37-39, as opposed to one's early thirties — aged roughly 30-33 — and mid-thirties — aged roughly around 34-36) thus placing his birthday in the late 1840s.


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