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Biographical information
AKA Hedge Sculptures
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul

Hedges, also called Topiaries, are soulless sentient topiary in the shape of animals and people found in the Asylum Grounds.



During Sir Dan's journey, the hedges pretended to be a part of the scenery, but they became hostile when approached. Other hedges were a part of Jack of the Green's riddles. There are several different types of these sculptures that Dan encountered:

Hedge Dragon

The Hedge Dragon, also known as the Hedge Serpent,[1] was a serpent-shaped hedge sculpture that was found at the circular area in the beginning of the maze. When Dan approached the sculpture's head, it came alive and spit fire projectiles at him.

Hedge Zarok

Hedge Zarok is a hedge replica of Zarok and a part of Jack of the Green's first riddle.

Hedge Octopus

The Hedge Octopus was a part of Jack of the Green's third riddle. The sculpture was found guarding the entrance to the area where the Chaos Rune was located. All four tentacles had to be taken down before the sculpture's head could be destroyed.

Hedge Man

The Hedge Man, also known as the Hedge Figure,[1] was only hostile after Dan completed Jack of the Green's last riddle. It was found above the entrance to the chess area.

Hedge Clown

The Hedge Clown was a part of Jack of the Green's second riddle. To solve it, Daniel had to whack the sad-looking mask stone slabs around the Clown with his sword until the happy masks surrounded the Clown. Successfully doing so made the Clown laugh in delight, which completed the riddle.

Hedge Elephant

The Hedge Elephant was a part of Jack of the Green's third riddle. To solve the riddle, Dan had to bring the mouse to the Hedge Elephant while avoiding the cats in the area.

Behind the scenes


Concept art (seen below) reveals further hedge types that were considered for the game, such as the Hedge Monk, Hedge Horse, and Hedge Vulture.

In the MediEvil Rolling Demo, a house-shaped hedge sculpture stands in place of the Hedge Clown.[2]



  • In the original version of MediEvil, the head of the Hedge Zarok sculpture was its only weak point. In the PS4 remake, the sculpture is entirely vulnerable.


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