MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide

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The Official Strategy Guide
Author(s) Greg Off, Mark Androvich,
David Jon Winding
Producer(s) Tim Lindquist
Country USA
Language English
Publisher(s) Dimension Publishing
Published 1998
Binding Paperback
Pages 114
ISBN-10 ???
ISBN-13 ???

MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide is the official strategy guide to MediEvil. It is authored by Greg Off, Mark Androvich and David Jon Winding and published by Dimension.


  • Expert solutions for every mind-boggling puzzle you'll encounter.
  • Every Chalice of Souls revealed.
  • Ultra-detailed, high resolution maps of each of the game's 22 levels, with every item and weapon shown in its proper location.
  • Written by Greg Off, Editor-in-Chief of PSExtreme magazine.
  • Faultless strategies for taking on the game's relentless enemies and bosses.
  • Detailed walkthroughs for each of the game's 22 levels.

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