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For the monster, see the level and Iron Slugger (level).
Iron Slugger
Biographical information
Gender Male
Gameplay information
Health 200
"And in the black corner, weighing in at 440 pounds, with an unbeaten record of 40 straight wins. The unbeatable, the unstoppable, IRON SLUGGER!"
― Palethorn, MediEvil 2

Iron Slugger is a boss from MediEvil 2, appearing in the level of the same name.


The Iron Slugger is Palethorn's man-made boxing champion. Daniel must face him in a boxing match to the death.


Your best strategy to beating the Iron Slugger is getting in a few choice hits, blocking his punches whenever possible and running down the clock if you've taken some major damage. When he's lost a Limb of his own, go in for the kill with an unrelenting combination of different attacks. Eventually, you'll whittle him away to a spewing stump.



  • A poster of the Iron Slugger can be seen in the Title Level.
  • The Iron Slugger's body parts can be found in the Town House in Kensington.
  • The Iron Slugger is one of the two bosses in MediEvil 2 with 200 health points, which is the lowest amount of health out of all the bosses, the other being Jack the Ripper.

In other languages

His name remains the same in German and Italian.

Language Name Meaning
French (France) Le Cogneur The Slugger
Portuguese (Portugal) Destruidor de Ferro Iron Destroyer
Russian Железный амбал
Zheleznyy ambal
Iron Strongman
Spanish (Spain) Destructor de Hierro Iron Destroyer