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Limb Creatures
Gameplay information
Soul type Minor Evil

The Limb Creatures are enemies from MediEvil 2. They can be found in the Dankenstein level.


These freakish mutations are all results of the mad Professor's reanimating experiments. The most progress he was ever able to achieve was to bring to life a limb. But, soon after, these body parts would transform into grotesque creatures and had to be corralled into the bowels of the Underground train station. Daniel needs the Limbs of these creatures to build a monster to fight against the Iron Slugger. To get them, he'll have to destroy the creatures and collect the Limbs left behind. There are six variations of these creatures, each representing a specific body part - right and left legs, right and left arms, torso and the bum - and each body part is deadly in its own right. Legs can kick, arms will punch, the Torso shoots acid and the bum sends out choking flatulence. Either use your Bombs (leave them on the ground or toss them at the creatures) or, better yet, use your throwing Axe.


The limb creatures are hideous monsters in many types with Dankenstein's body parts. Your mission is to kill all each six types for one of the body parts before the time runs out, recieve the body part, return it to Professor Kift's laboratory, then go back where you encounter them. Repeat this process and it will be done in no time.