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Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
"Those strange shuffling shrubbites have their uses. They could LIFT your spirits if you look their way."
Book, MediEvil: Resurrection

Shrubbites are enemies from MediEvil: Resurrection. They can be found in the Enchanted Forest level.


These shuffling woody wanderers are impervious to damage (although understandably they do not appreciate being set alight!). Their curious nature means that they will track any explorer on his forest travels, only stopping to play dead if the wanerer turns to face them. One thing that shrubbites abhor is being used as a stepping stool, but hey, it's better than being used as a door mat!


The Shrubbites are magical tree stumps. They may look harmless, but when Daniel turns around, they attack him from behind. They cannot be killed with weapons, but can be used as platforms to reach higher ground.



  • Shrubbites are similar to Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who universe because both can only move when they're not in anyone's sight.