Enchanted Forest

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Enchanted Forest
General information
Chalice Yes
Boss(es) Demonettes
Enemies Dragon Toads, Shrubbites, Shadow Demons
Music The Spell
Chronological information
Previous level Pumpkin Gorge
Next level Pools of the Ancient Dead
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Gallowmere Plains
Pools of the Ancient Dead
What Makes It Enchanted? What Makes It Enchanted?
Start the Enchanted Forest level.
Devilish Tricksters Devilish Tricksters
Defeat the Demonettes.
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
Dan the Invincible Dan the Invincible
Finish a level outside of Dan's Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
"The Enchanted Forest. You need a very specific micro-climate and a loamy soil to produce an enchanted forest."
― Loading screen narration

Enchanted Forest is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection. The Shadow Demon tomb is located here.


Dan's Private Journal entry


Walked deep into the Enchanted Forest, looking for the wise old old crone they call the Forest Witch.

It's well known that Dragon Toads go a bit barmy during the breeding season, but nothing could have prepared me for their continual slavering bite attacks, and they spit too, how unhygienic! Anyways, after much fighting and exploration I finally locate the Forest Witch - and let me tell you, never have I seen such a major hippie. She agrees to lift the enchantment that conceals the Shadow Demon Prison if I go and grab a few bits of fungi for her. Piece o' cake, or possibly toadstool.

Wretched fairies ran me ragged, and some of the language! But at last I found enough fungi to keep the wizened old crone happy. And lo! The entrance to the Shadow Demon Prison is revealed. I was about to set foot where no man had walked in a hundred years.

Using the Demon Claw I unlocked the entrance to the Shadow Demon prison. Applying my keen intellect - you heard me - I solved a fiendish puzzle to collect the vital fragment of the Anubis Stone. Advantage Fortesque!

Gadzooks! The stone turns out to be the final lock that keeps the Shadow Demons imprisoned. In an ideal world the Mayor might have mentioned this - the mealy mouthed windbag!

Today is not getting any better. Now I find myself inside a giant tree trunk battling the forest's demonettes. What is this, some kind of twisted reality show?

At last, with the prized Anubis stone helf aloft, I quit the Enchanted Forest sharpish.

I heard a distant booming like thunder. I later discovered it was Zarok's ghost ship unleashing a terrible cannonade against the Kings Castle. As I stumbled towards the forest exit my befuddled mind was awash with many pressing questions: How would I gain acess to the castle ruins? Would I ever find my missing lower jaw? And most pressing of all, how would I make Al Zalam shut his yap for more than five seconds?

The Voodoo Witch's fortune

"Let me focus now.....OK.... I see big trees all round, A nice place for a picnic I tink
What, who's that ...It's You!, ya scrawny bone bag!........You is searchin for a big doorway I tink
MMMmmmm...De bad news is dat de doorway is hidden by spooky magic.
But de good news is dat there is a witch nearby who can help.
Oh, de other bad news is dat dis witch is a useless new age Hippy fixated on fungi and lentils. Mmmm ....Sorry 'bout dat."
The Voodoo Witch


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Shrubbite Hint

Those strange shuffling shrubbites have their uses. They could LIFT your spirits if you look their way.

Ring Puzzle Hint

Rotate the rings and carve a river to make the flames subside and wither.

Enchanted Earth

A WARNING TO TRESPASSERS: Dragon Toad breeding season. Do not touch or stroke the toads, they don't like it and will kill you!

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) La Forêt enchantée
German Zauberwald
Italian Foresta Incantata
Spanish (Spain) Bosque Encantado


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