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Stanyer Iron Hewer
Biographical information
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Hammer
"Here, take my WarHammer, it'll smash anything and it won't fall apart like a club - I only ever get to use it cracking walnuts around this place."
― Stanyer Iron Hewer, MediEvil

Stanyer Iron Hewer is a hero found in the Hall of Heroes.



In addition to being the strongest man who ever lived Stanyer Iron Hewer was unsurpassed in his skill as a blacksmith. He was equally happy pounding on his anvil at home as he was pounding on someone's head in battle. It was said that his only fear was the end of the village smithy as the focus of manufacture in favor of more centralized units - as if!


Stanyer is the second hero Dan visits in the Hall of Heroes. He provides Dan with his hammer and two Chests of Gold.

Behind the Scenes


His likeness in the PS4 remake was based on Jeff Nachbaur, who served as Executive Producer on the remake.


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  • (to Dan) "Never mind, you old war-horse, better show 'im what's what, eh? I expect Johnny Zombie's a bit more of a handful than you remember - how are you doing for weapons?"



  • Much like Canny Tim, he treats Dan with more respect than the other heroes do.
  • Stanyer knows how to play a recorder, as he can be seen playing one at the end of MediEvil.