Hall of Heroes

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Hall of Heroes
General information
Chalice No
Enemies None
Health Fountain(s) None
Music HOH
Location on Land Map
"All the mightiest heroes are celebrated here. They aren't so interested in being your friend just yet. Slay a Zarok or two, and maybe they'll warm up to you."
― Loading screen description

The Hall of Heroes was a place where heroes from history spent their time feasting, drinking and arm-wrestling. Unlike every other location in Gallowmere, Sir Dan could not access the Hall by conventional means; though he could temporarily visit by collecting a Chalice of Souls. With the exception of his personal statue, the statues of the heroes could grant him either a new weapon or another item (such as Chests of Gold, or a Life Bottle) that may prove useful. After collecting all the chalices, Daniel became one of the heroes.

Book of Gallowmere



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Book 1 - Paying Homage

To pay homage to the Heroes; stand in front of their designated statues and await spiritual guidance.

Book 2 - Higher Level

Only when you are truly worthy as a hero will you be able to ascend to the higher level of this Hall.

When you have paid homage to all of the Heroes in the lower Hall the ghostly stairs will then become solid.


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