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Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
"Beware the watchers - if they spot you they will soon summon others."
Book, MediEvil

Watchers are enemies who inhabit The Lake.


The Watchers are clam eyeballs attached to the ruins of the city of Mellowmede. There are two types of Watchers:

White Watchers

If Daniel stands near a White Watcher for too long, it will summon the Guardians of Mellowmede. It will become invulnerable after summoning them.

NOTE: Daniel might have to let White Watchers summon the Guardians of Mellowmede to fill the Chalice.

Black Watchers

The Black Watchers spit acid at Dan when he is close. The Axe is often a useful tool for defeating them.


  • "Watcher" is an alternative term for an angel.