The Lake

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The Lake
General information
AKA Mellowmede
Chalice Yes
Enemies Fish Monsters, Watchers, Guardians of Mellowmede
Music (original) The Awakening
Music (remake) After a Nice Long Nap
Chronological information
Level number 15.
Previous level Pools Of The Ancient Dead
Next level The Crystal Caves
Location on Land Map
The Crystal Caves    
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Pools Of The Ancient Dead
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
"Rhinotaurs sunk this ancient town a great while ago. Wait, did it rise up again? This town needs to make up its mind"
― Loading screen description

The Lake is the fifteenth level in MediEvil. It was not remade for MediEvil: Resurrection. It features the sunken town of Mellowmede, destroyed by Rhinotaurs long ago.


Locations and landmarks

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Book of Gallowmere




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Book 1

You haven't got your army now - better to use stealth than charge in. Beware the watchers - if they spot you they will soon summon others.

Book 2

The Crystal contraptions that surround the whirlpool can freeze its dangerously turbulent waters.

You will need all of the Rune keys to activate the magical machines.

Behind the scenes


Although not present in MediEvil: Resurrection, Death briefly mentions Mellowmede during a cutscene in the Return to the Graveyard level.


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 渦巻く湖
Uzumaku mizūmi
The Swirling Lake


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