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Woden the Mighty
Biographical information
Gender Male
Weapon(s) Broad Sword (MediEvil)
Hero's Sword (MediEvil: Resurrection)
Long Sword (MediEvil: Resurrection)
Woden's Brand (MediEvil: Resurrection)
"Fortesque, you jawless arrow magnet - what are you doing back here?"
― Woden the Mighty, MediEvil

Woden the Mighty is a hero that appears in the Hall of Heroes.



Woden gives Daniel the Broad Sword after Dan collects five chalices.



Truly the hero's hero, Woden the Mighty was fearless, single-minded, and uncompromising. Unbeaten in combat, he inspired raw fear in friends and enemies alike, not to mention in close family members and pets.


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  • "Woden" is the Anglo-Saxon cognate of Óðinn.[1] It ultimately developed from the early Germanic Woðanaz, which in turn comes from pre-Germanic Wātónos. Woden’s name can be translated as 'Master of Ecstasy'. His Old Norse name, Óðinn, is formed from two parts: first, the noun óðr, 'ecstasy, fury, inspiration', and the suffix -inn, the masculine definite article, which, when added to the end of another word like this, means something like 'the master of' or 'a perfect example of'. The eleventh-century historian Adam of Bremen confirms this when he translates 'Odin' as 'The Furious'. Óðr can take countless different forms. As one saga describes Odin, "when he sat with his friends, he gladdened the spirits of all of them, but when he was at war, his demeanor was terrifyingly grim."[2]


  • His name, as well as his appearance in MediEvil: Resurrection, were based on the Norse god Wōden.