List of MediEvil references in other media

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The following is a list of all games that contain cameos or references to MediEvil, sorted by release date.

1996 - Creatures

An image of Zarok can be found in Albia.

2000 - Everybody's Golf 2


Sir Dan appears as an unlockable guest character in the American and European version of the game. The player can unlock him by beating him in versus mode. Although Dan's design in the game itself is based on his appearance in the first MediEvil, promotional renders featuring him use his appearance from MediEvil 2 instead.

2003 - Primal

A model of dan-hand can be seen during the game's intro. A likeness of Dan's tomb can be found in the village graveyard in Aetha. These cameos were disclosed on the VIP section of Primal's official website.[1]

2003 - Ghosthunter

A character called Colonel Freddie Fortesque appears in the game. He is believed to be a descendant of and tribute to Sir Dan. Freddie is also missing his left eye and can remove his head due to being decapitated.

2005 - WipEout Pure

See also: Medievil (Wipeout Pure)

A ship called Medievil can be unlocked in the game upon acquiring 70 unique Gold medals.[2]

2012 - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

See also: The Graveyard (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale)

Sir Daniel appears as a playable character in the game. Princess Kiya and Zarok also appear as unlockable minions. The Graveyard appears as a stage in the game.

2018 - Guacamelee! 2

A portrait of Sir Dan can be found in the game.

2020 - Astro's Playroom

A bot dressed as Sir Dan can be found in the Gusty Gateway area of the Memory Meadow.

2023 - Clive 'N' Wrench


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