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This page details all lines spoken by Professor Hamilton Kift outside of main intermissions.


New weapon collection reminder

You haven't picked up your weapon yet.

Victorian Townscape weapon briefing (after Museum Boss level) - Cane Stick

Cane stick sir? No modern knight should be seen without one.

Victorian Townscape briefing (after Museum Boss level)

From what I can work out, this is the epicentre of the blast. Look around Fortesque, collect as much magic as possible, and see if you can work out who's behind this terrible state of affairs.

Freakshow weapon briefing (after Victorian Townscape level) - Hammer

Try the Hammer of Thor, you're sure to have a smashing time.

FreakShow briefing (after Victorian Townscape level)

The Freakshow, it contains some weird specimens at the best of times. Heaven knows what's going on there now. Creep in round the back to avoid being spotted.

Greenwich Observatory weapon briefing (after FreakShow level) - Broad Sword

I've done a little work on your sword, you should find this a whole lot better. It's enchanted, if it runs out the Spiv will be able to recharge it for you.

Greenwich Observatory briefing (after Freakshow level)

Greenwich. Winston's done some reconnaissance. He says he saw something weird going on at the observatory. If Palethorn's behind it, it must be stopped!

Kew Gardens weapon briefing (after Greenwich Observatory level)

Take this weapon, it's better than it looks I can tell you.

Kew Gardens briefing (after Greenwich Observatory level)

Winston has traced Palethorn. He's somewhere within Kew. Who knows what you will encounter when you're there.

Vampire Mansions weapon briefing (after freakshow) - Crossbow

Lovely isn't she? The Crossbow.

Vampire Mansions briefing (after Dan-kenstein boxing level)

This is the centre of the psychic disturbance. It's a new one to me. All I'm reading is a great malevolent, slumbering evil. Extreme caution as always Dan. Oh, and before you go, you might want to use your head on some of those hands over there. Stand over a hand and use your head to see what happens.

Lair of the Ripper weapon briefing (after Vampire Boss level)

Look what I've made with all that vampire juice.

Lair of the Ripper briefing (after Vampire Boss level)

We last heard from Kiya here. See if you can find her. My scans show something powerful has been collecting magic energy, so watch your back.

Cathedral Spires weapon briefing (after Time Machine level) - Gatling Gun

This will be the weapon of your dreams Dan, the Gatling Gun. Awesome destructive power at the touch of a button.

Cathedral Spires briefing (after Time Machine level)

Well you seem to know more about this place than I do so there's no point in briefing you, is there? 

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