Sir Henry Fortesque

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This page is about concepts that never materialised in an actual game or prototype. Ideas presented here are not canonical.
Sir Henry Fortesque
Biographical information
Gender Male
Family Sir Daniel Fortesque (ancestor)

Sir Henry Fortesque was Chris Sorrell's original idea for MediEvil 2's protagonist. He was meant to be a deceased descendant of Sir Daniel Fortesque. He is described as wearing a tattered Victorian cape, top-hat and monocle in an early design sketch.[1] A sketch matching this description can be seen in the released game's credits.


  1. ProBoards "I really only had a few high concept ideas in mind for MediEvil 2. These were: that it could be set in Victorian times, but instead of playing as Sir Dan, you would play as Sir Henry Fortesque, a more recently deceased descendent of Sir Dan's (much like the way they reincarnated the same character in the UK TV show Black Adder). I had a sketch I'd done late one night while working on M1 of Sir Henry wearing a tattered Victorian cape, top-hat and monocle." — Chris Sorrell, MediEvil developers - Q&A; on MediEvil Boards. Published July 24, 2013.


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