Miracle Grow

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PLEASE NOTE: This page refers to content that is not present in the final versions of the game due to being cut, removed or repurposed.
Miracle Grow
Type Item
Found in Kew Gardens
Cut from MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

Miracle Grow is a cut item from MediEvil 2.


The item would have been obtained in the Kew Gardens level. Its name is likely a reference to the real world Miracle-Gro, a water-soluble fertiliser. It is therefore likely that the item would have been used to help a plant or tree grow.

The only remaining reference to Miracle Grow is within the game's text files.

In other languages

The name of the item wasn't translated into French. A comment indicates the item was no longer in use.

Language Name Meaning
German Wunderdünger Miracle fertiliser
Italian Crescita miracolosa -
Portuguese (Portugal) Milagre Miracle
Russian Волшебный рост[a]
Volshebnyy rost
Spanish (Spain) Milagro Miracle


  1. "Волшебный" was also used in the translation of Mystic Key (Волшебный ключ). This may indicate that the two items are connected.


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