Draft:Poisonous Plants

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Poisonous Plants
Biographical information
AKA Pod Spitter (left)
Gobber (right)
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
"If you stay back far enough, you can shoot down these poisonous projectile spewing Plants."
MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide

The Poisonous Plants are the plant life native to the Enchanted Earth. They also make an appearance in the Pumpkin King's grounds as part of the quest given by the lost soul Peter Peter, Pumpkin Weeder.


Poisonous Plants are magical flowers encountered in the Enchanted Earth. There are two types:

Pod Spitter

Very rare variation of the plants, since there are only four of them. They'll fire green fireballs with spout-shaped pedals at Daniel.


The most common type of the plants. They can spit at Sir Daniel with purple fireballs if he approaches.