The Pumpkin Serpent

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The Pumpkin Serpent
General information
Chalice Yes
Boss(es) Pumpkin King
Enemies Pumpkin Plants, Pumpkin Bombs
Music Quest for Vengeance
Chronological information
Previous level Pumpkin Gorge
Next level The Sleeping Village
Location on Land Map
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Pumpkin Gorge
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Pulp King Pumpkin Pulp King Pumpkin
Defeat the Pumpkin King in mortal pumpkin combat.
Witches' Familiar Witches' Familiar
Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.
"The root of all pumpkin evil! Squash that squash and rid Gallowmere of this seedy menace once and for all!"
― Loading screen description

The Pumpkin Serpent is a level in MediEvil. This level was merged with the Pumpkin Gorge level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Book of Gallowmere










The Pumpkin Witch

Before defeating the Pumpkin King

96 Pumpkin Witch Greetings kind sir. I am the Pumpkin Witch. I'm like a mother to those pumpkins - I give them all the love and care a young fruit could ever ask for.
From the moment they first push a shoot above the soil, right up until their heads are cut off and eaten - and look, see how they repay me! Running around and causing mischief!
That nasty old big Pumpkin is a bad influence on the young seedlings, if you teach him a lesson in manners I might give you a nice present!

After defeating the Pumpkin King

98 Pumpkin Witch A most edifying spectacle sir: man and vegetable in a magnificent duel to the death. Ooh, I've come over all of a doodah.
Here, have this lovely Dragon gem as your reward. Ohh, lovely majestic creatures Dragons are.


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Book 1

The King Pumpkin sleeps - if you want an audience with this regal plant you should mash all of his pod sacks!

Book 2

It is rumored that the Pumpkin Witch is in possession of a much sought after Dragon Gem. If you have a Witch Talisman you could summon this kindly Witch.



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