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The Condemned
Biographical information
AKA Skewered Men (Left)
Hanged Men (Right)
Gender Male
Gameplay information
Soul type Minor Evil

The Condemned are Gallowmere's executed criminals who can be found either impaled or hanged in the Gallows Gauntlet.


Skewered Men

What's this? It looks like these poor saps were impaled with huge stakes and left to die. Wait a sec... get close enough and these freaks come groaning back to life, snapping their stakes in two and then charging at you, with the sharp half still stuck in their belly. If they get close to you, you're going to take some damage. It's better, if you have the luxury, to stay back and pepper them with a strong projectile, such as the Spear or Magic Longbow.[1]

Hanged Men

These tortured souls were sent to the Gallows and left to sway in the wind. Now that they've been brought back to life, they're looking to take their misfortune out on you. Again, get close, and they will inflict damage; swinging violently back and forth from their noose. While they go down easier than the Impaled Men, it's still better to chip away at them with a projectile.[1]



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