Cheats in MediEvil: Resurrection

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This page documents MediEvil: Resurrection's cheat code and the Pause Menu options it unlocks.

Enabling the cheat code will disable trophies in the PlayStation Plus Premium re-release of the game. However, this can be circumvented for the Gain All Weapons cheat. Simply enable the cheat, save your game, quit, relaunch the game, and reload. You will retain all weapons without having cheats enabled.


Pause the game, then hold R and press DOWN, UP, Square button, Triangle button, Triangle button, Circle button, DOWN, UP, Square button, Triangle button.

Cheat Mode

Invulnerability: YES / NO Makes Dan invulnerable.
Gain All Weapons: YES / NO Gives Dan all the weapons.
Jump To Level*: Allows Dan to jump to the selected level.

*Only available in early prototype versions.

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