Kew Gardens

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Kew Gardens
General information
Chalice Yes
Enemies Pumpkin Soldiers, Spitting Plants
Mini game(s) Hand Rescue
Chronological information
Level number 6.[1]
Previous level Greenwich Observatory
Next level Dankenstein
Location in London
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"Winston has traced Palethorn. He's somewhere within Kew. Who knows what you will encounter when you're there."
― Mission briefing

Kew Gardens is the sixth level of MediEvil 2.


Behind the scenes


According to Steven Tattersall, one of the game's main programmers, a "sporadic crash bug" can occur in this level in the EU releases of the game. In rooms with the spitting plants, a memory overwrite can cause data to be trashed, leading to random crashing. This bug was fixed in the US release.[2]


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