POP! Games: MediEvil - Sir Daniel Fortesque

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POP! Games:
MediEvil - Sir Daniel Fortesque
Line PlayStation
Manufacturer Funko Inc.
Height Approx. 3.75 inches (9.5 cm)[1]
Material Vinyl
Release date(s) AU June 22, 2021[2]
US June 23, 2021[1]
UK June 24, 2021[3]
CA July 12, 2021[4]
IT July 30, 2021[5]

POP! Games: MediEvil - Sir Daniel Fortesque is a vinyl figurine produced by Funko Inc. The figurine was announced on June 4, 2021 to be released exclusively at GameStop in Europe and the US, EB Games in Canada and Australia, GAME in the UK and Super Gaby Games in Germany.[6][7] It features Sir Daniel Fortesque as he appears in the PS4 remake of MediEvil, wielding his own arm as a weapon.


Social media posts



  • Despite the figure using the remake's design of Sir Dan, the reveal on social media featured the logo of Guerrilla Cambridge, the final iteration of MediEvil's original development studio SCEE Cambridge Studio, instead of Other Ocean Emeryville, the developers of the remake.
  • Although pictures of the packaging on retail websites showed a "PlayStation Official Licensed Product" sticker on the front, this sticker is absent on the actual packaging. The reason for the sticker's removal is unknown.
  • The logo found on the packaging is the original MediEvil logo, not the latest iteration of the series logo.
    • The reveal on social media also featured the original MediEvil logo rather than the latest one.


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