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This page is about concepts that never materialised in an actual game or prototype. Ideas presented here are not canonical.
PLEASE NOTE: The names that appear in this article are fan conjecture, as the official names are unknown or do not exist.

In the beginning stages of the original MediEvil's development, around January 1996, several enemy concept drawings were created by Mike Philbin.[1][a] While the enemies depicted weren't implemented into the game, the drawings themselves were included in the game's credits and the Japanese MediEvil NAVIGATION BOOK.

List of unrealised enemies


A woman whose right side of the face is upside-down. The Japanese NAVIGATION BOOK speculates that it is an early version of Nellie Mad.[2]


A demon-like creature that has clawed hands for feet, a surreal shape protruding from the back of its head, hairy arms, and a demonic skull-face for its stomach. The Japanese NAVIGATION BOOK speculates that this is an early version of a Shadow Demon.[2] The date on the concept art suggests that it was finished on January 12, 1996.


A short, grotesque creature. This likely evolved into the Imps that appear in the final game. It has large hands and forearms, protruding eyes, a long tongue, and bat-like ears.

Zarok's Soldier[2]

A humanoid creature with a misshapen head, protruding ears and a giant grin on its face. It wears armour and carries a giant axe.


A bizarre monstrosity with no head and a menacing, beast-like face in place of its stomach. It may based on headless humans from various mythologies.


  1. Although there is no information that confirms him as the author of the drawings outright, the initials "MP" that appear on one of the drawings coupled with Phillips' history of producing concept art for SCEE Cambridge Studio's other games make him the likeliest candidate.


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