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Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson in The Making of MediEvil video.
MediEvil (1998) Game Design
Art Design
Texture Art
Preliminary Script
Additional Voices (Sir Dan)
MediEvil 2 Art Design
MediEvil: Resurrection Original MediEvil Design
Voice Talent (Sir Dan)
MediEvil (2019) Project Consultant
Cast (Sir Daniel Fortesque)
Special Thanks

Jason Wilson was responsible for the game and art design on the original MediEvil, and was the writer of its preliminary script. He continued to work on the art design of MediEvil 2, but had less input in terms of the game design. He was brought on as a project consultant for the 2019 remake of MediEvil.

Wilson is the voice of the series protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque in all the games safe for MediEvil 2. He performed his lines for the original game through gritted teeth with a bucket over his head.[1]


The following biography appeared on MediEvil 2's official European website.[2][3] According to Wilson, it was not written by him despite a part of it being in first person.[4]

Jason Wilson (29) – Lead Artist

Jason is responsible for setting the style, character designs and environments. Progressing the style set by the previous adventure into the exciting possibilities of the Victorian age. With Medievil2 that means turning his twisted and bizarre design ideas into conforming art guides.

Short personal biography: Lots of arcade games!… Pacmania, Space Harrier, loathsome football games, and I designed a number of arcade adventure games in the late 80s. I also worked extensively on the first Medievil game as Concept Artist/Lead Designer. In the past my job roles have ranged from an Arcade conversion slave, to being Lead Designer, Lead Artist and Creative Director.


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