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Stone Golems
Biographical information
AKA Stone Guardians, Golem Statues[1]
Gameplay information
Soul type No soul
"The lava has been released Sir Dan, the Castle is collapsing! You will not have long to defeat the stone Golems and escape the ensuing inferno."
Information Gargoyle, MediEvil

The Stone Golems were part of the castle security during the time of King Peregrin. They still inhabit the Haunted Ruins of the king's castle a hundred years later.


The Stone Golems are brought to life once the lava behind the floodgates is released. Sir Dan has to defeat them before he escapes the collapsing castle. Like the Armoured Knights, they are not vulnerable to weapons and can be only pushed. The most effective ways to push them off are the Daring Dash or the Dragon Armour's fire breath.



  • A golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter in Jewish folklore.
  • In an earlier version of MediEvil, three Golems appeared in the Sleeping Village level.[2]
    • They spat water rather than fire in this early version.


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