Dragon Armour

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Dragon Armour
Icon Dragon Armour
AKA Dragon Potion
Flavour text Built to scale.
Type Armour
Requirement(s) 2 Dragon Gems
Found in The Crystal Caves
Given by Mean Old Dragon
Used in The Gallows Gauntlet
Appears in MediEvil MediEvil (1998)
MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
MediEvil (1998 original)
Arsonist Arsonist
Set 50 enemies on fire.
MediEvil (2019 remake)
Arsonist Arsonist
Set 50 enemies on fire.
"Urghh... Enough... I yield! That really hurt. What did you have to go and do that for? Here, take this Dragon Potion and leave me alone! Drink it when you need it - it gives you armour that is impervious to heat, plus it lets you breathe fire. Now go away!"
Mean Old Dragon, after being defeated.

The Dragon Armour, or Dragon Potion, was an artifact that imbued the wearer with immunity against fire, as well as the power to breathe it.


It is said that the armour was forged by Dragons from an age long ago. It ended up in the possession of the dragon who took up residence in the Crystal Caves.

Sir Dan summoned the dragon using two Dragon Gems. After a short battle, the dragon relented and gave Dan the armour. Dan used the armour to get past the Dragon Gate in the Gallows Gauntlet.



The Dragon Armour was a green set of armour. It had a scaly appearance. The helmet resembled the head of a dragon.


"Walking through a wall of fire? You'll look more stylish doing it in your Dragon Armour. Plus, that colour really brings out your eye."
― Loading screen hint.

To obtain the Armour, Sir Dan needs to defeat the Mean Old Dragon in The Crystal Caves. The Dragon can only be summoned by inserting two Dragon Gems into the sockets of a nearby relief of a dragon's head.

Once the armour is worn, Sir Dan's appearance alters slightly to that of a dragon, while he also gains resistance against fire and the ability to breathe it. The armour is required to pass through the Dragon Gate in The Gallows Gauntlet. Wearing the armour in the Japanese version of the original game or while having Dan's Helmet equipped in the remake will slowly deplete Dan's health. In the original game it is possible for Dan to die from this effect even during intermissions.

Behind the scenes


The Dragon Potion would have originally transformed Dan into Dragon Dan instead of providing him with the Dragon Armour. The early model for the potion consisted of a red bottle with a dragon's tail and head coming out of it. It appears in the MediEvil Rolling Demo, only accessible in-game through hacking.[1] The potion's model in the final game was once the Serpent Potion, which would have summoned Kul Katura the Serpent Lord after being picked up.

While the potion would have likely appeared in the environment like other potions in the Rolling Demo, a different method of obtaining it was considered before the development team settled on the dragon. According to the notes of Jason Wilson, the game's designer, the potion would have once been obtained in the Pools Of The Ancient Dead level. Dan would have had to defeat a huge undead knight in order to obtain it.[2]

Evolution of the Dragon Potion



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In other languages

Language Name
Arabic درع التنين
dire altiniyn
Bulgarian Драконова броня
Drakonova bronya
Croatian Zmajev oklop
Czech Dračí brnění
Danish Dragepanser
Dutch Drakenpantser
Finnish Lohikäärmehaarniska
French (France) Armure du Dragon
German Drachenrüstung
Greek Πανοπλία του Δράκου
Panoplía tou Drákou
Hungarian Sárkányvért
Italian Armatura draconica
Japanese 龍の鎧
Ryū no yoroi
Norwegian Dragerustning
Polish Smoczy pancerz
Portuguese (Brazil) Armadura do Dragão
Portuguese (Portugal) Armadura dos Dragões
Romanian Armură de Dragon
Russian Драконьи доспехи
Drakon'i dospekhi
Spanish (LatAm) Armadura de dragón
Spanish (Spain) Armadura del dragón
Swedish Drakrustning
Turkish Ejderha Zırhı



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