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For the character, see the level and The Count (level).
The Count
Biographical information
AKA Vampire Boss
Gender Male
Age Immortal, but mid-thirties[1]
Gameplay information
Health 500
Behind the scenes information
Voiced by Marc Silk
"You interrupt me! For your insolence you shall suffer beyond all imagining my ugly little friend. Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaa!"
― The Count, MediEvil 2
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The Count is a boss from MediEvil 2, appearing in the level of the same name.


He flies. He has super-speed. He calls forth flaming bats and rains down concussion bombs. In general, he's one nasty dude! Like all vampires, however, the Count has a weakness - sunlight! He also must be pretty vain to keep all those mirrors around - especialy if he can't even see his reflection.



  • The Count appears as a hitchhiker in a US MediEvil II TV commercial alongside Lord Palethorn, The Ripper and a gargoyle. He is hitchiking to Hoboken.
  • The Count's character and name are based on Count Dracula, while his East European accent is specifically inspired by Gary Oldman's portrayal of the character in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula film adaptation.[1]
  • The Count has the highest amount of health of all the bosses in MediEvil 2.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Le Comte
German Der Graf
Italian Il Conte
Portuguese (Portugal) O Conde
Russian Граф
Spanish (Spain) El Conde


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