Lord Palethorn

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Lord Palethorn of Shoreditch
Biographical information
AKA Reggie Pallthrop (birth name)
Palethorne (by Professor Christy)
Title(s) Magic Circle member (? - 1877)
Lord (? - 1886)
Gender Male
Born c. 1841
London, United Kingdom
Died 1886 (aged 45[1])
London, United Kingdom
Family Daniel Roger Palethorn (great-grandfather)
Behind the scenes information
Voiced by Marc Silk[citation needed]
"Curse you! Curse you all! You think you've won? I'll have my day and when I do, I'll..."
― Lord Palethorn, after losing the boxing match.

Lord Palethorn of Shoreditch ( Reggie Pallthrop; c. 1840 – 1886) was a powerhungry sorcerer bent on conquering the city of London and beyond. He almost succeeded after obtaining numerous pages of the legendary Zarok spell book, but his plans were undone by the return of the Hero of Gallowmere.


Before 1878

A successful industrialist, Palethorn embraced the ethics of the Victorian age. He exploited every opportunity and was hungry for wealth and social acceptance. This led to him changing his name from Reggie Pallthrop to Palethorn, joining the Magic Circle and buying the title of 'lord' to make him seem more a part of the establishment.[2] Palethorn believed that Black Magic was the key to obtaining both power and wealth.

Expedition of 1878

In 1878, one month after his expulsion from the Magic Circle for practising Black Magic, Palethorn approached Professor Hamilton Kift, a fellow member of the Circle, about travelling to the Hebrides to acquire some pages of Zarok's spell book. After arriving on a Hebridean island, they found the spell book in a tomb located at the island's northern point. Once Palethorn took the book from its resting place, the tomb began to collapse. Palethorn shoved Kift aside and abandoned him, escaping the collapsing tomb with the spell book.[3][3.1] Using the power within its pages, Palethorn planned on taking over London and eventually, the world.

The Autumn of Death

In 1886, Palethorn resurfaced and used Zarok's spell book to unleash havoc upon the city of London. The spell resurrected the dead across the city, including the skeletal remains of dinosaurs housed in Kensington museum. Because the spell book was missing some of its pages, Palethorn was transformed into a red-skinned demon with elongated ears as a side-effect. Palethorn then set out to find the missing pages so he could fully control the zombies he had brought back to life. During this time, Palethorn and his lackeys, Dogman and Mander, worked on a machine - the Great Scope - at the Greenwich Observatory. Using the machine, Palethorn hoped to instantly locate all the missing pages of the spell book. However, his plans were foiled by the resurrected hero Sir Daniel Fortesque after he crashed an airship into the Great Scope. Soon after Palethorn built the Iron Slugger and organized a boxing match between himself and Kift's team, with the Egyptian Princess Kiya as the prize. The Iron Slugger was defeated by Dan and Palethorn's plans were thwarted yet again.

Realizing that Sir Dan is becoming more of a nuisance than he had anticipated, Palethorn contacted his ally The Count to help dispose of him whilst he continued his search for the pages. Palethorn finally confronted Sir Dan at the Cathedral Spires and recovered the last page of the spell book from him. Finally in possession of all the pages, Palethorn summoned a demon to destroy Daniel once and for all. Dan managed to outsmart them however by diverting Palethorn's bullets into the demon, which eventually led to his defeat. In a desperate final attempt to kill Dan, Palethorn activated a bomb which ultimately killed him, but not Dan.

In an alternate timeline, Palethorn used the spell book to travel back in time.[4] Dan and Kiya used Kift's Amazing Confabulating Chrono-chair to travel back in time, however they also ended up in this alternate timeline where they encountered a beastly version of Palethorn in what appeared to be Zarok's Lair.


Some scholars of the 20th century, such as Professor Marcus Effington Christy, rejected the events caused by Palethorn as mere mass hallucinations resultant from the high prevalence of disease in London at the time.[2] Palethorn's fate was also unclear to scholars, as Professor Marcus noted that "one mystery of the time remains unresolved, that of the disappearance of industrialist and socialite, Lord Palethorne[sic] of Shoreditch."[2] However, Palethorn's deeds and fate eventually became known by the 21st century thanks to the efforts of researchers such as Professor Darrow of Cambridge Archaeology.[5]





Behind the scenes


Lord Palethorn was conceptualised by James Shepherd[6] and designed by Jason Wilson. Jason described Palethorn as a "mix of Alistair Crowley and the Godfather."[7] He also listed "the London cockney gangster of popular British mythology" as a basis for the character.[8] Jason made an effort to differentiate Palethorn from Zarok but making him wide, square and gruff instead of thin and fey.[6]


Palethorn was portrayed by Marc Silk.[citation needed] His voice was described as "deep and authoritative" on the official MediEvil 2 website.[1] Although Palethorn attempts to speak like an articulate gent, he can't stop his natural London Cockney accent from coming through. This becomes more pronounced in moments of high emotion.[1]


Palethorn appears as a hitchhiker in a US MediEvil II TV commercial alongside The Ripper, a gargoyle and The Count. He is hitchiking to Paris.



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