The Ripper

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The Ripper
Biographical information
AKA Jack the Ripper[1]
Gender Male
Died 1886
Whitechapel, London
Gameplay information
Health 200 HP
Previous boss(es) The Count
Next boss(es) Dogman and Mander
Behind the scenes information
Appears in
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"Mercy... mercy... honourable knight... spare me."
― The Ripper, begging for his life.

The Ripper (died 1886) was a notorious murderer who terrorised Whitechapel during the Victorian era. He was eventually killed by Sir Daniel Fortesque.


The Ripper was first encountered by Sir Dan while he was searching for Princess Kiya. Sir Dan found Kiya crawling away from the Ripper, but before he was able to reach her, the Ripper stabbed her with his claws and fled the scene. Daniel then retreated to the sewers to mourn Kiya's death, where he discovered the poster for a Time Machine prototype made by the Professor. He was able to reassemble the machine and reached Kiya before she was killed. Dan distracted the Ripper, who went after him instead of Kiya - their battle then begans.

After being defeated, the Ripper begged Sir Dan for mercy. He was given none, and was killed with a single shot from Dan's pistol.

Known victims



Most likely mutated because of the Spell of Eternal Darkness, he appeared as a monstrous beast with sharp, fearsome claws, wearing a top hat, the remnants of a brown jacket and grey pants.


The Ripper is one of two bosses in MediEvil 2 with 200 health points, which is the lowest amount of health out of all the bosses, the other being the Iron Slugger. He is fast and deals a lot of damage, and can rain down some sort of energy. He is only vulnerable when he drops his guard in order to suck the life out of Kiya.

Behind the scenes


The Ripper is modelled after the real world serial killer dubbed "Jack the Ripper."

His icon during the boss fight seems to be based on concept art rather than his in-game appearance.


The Ripper appears as a hitchhiker in a US MediEvil II TV commercial alongside Lord Palethorn, a gargoyle and The Count. He is hitchiking to Rome.

In real life

The unidentified murderer known as "Jack the Ripper" operated in Whitechapel, from which he sent a series of cryptic letters, sometimes enclosing the mangled remains of his victims. He was notorious for mutilating the bodies of prostitutes and other lower-class women of the Victorian era.



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