Interview:MediEvil Boards, March 2013

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MediEvil Boards, March 1, 2013
Interviewee(s) Jason Wilson
Interviewer(s) Winston1
Interview Subject MediEvil
MediEvil 2
Language English
URL available? Yes

An interview with Jason Wilson posted on the MediEvil Boards on March 1, 2013.


Update; Here's some more Q&A; from Jason;


1) In the games[sic] trailer and concept art, the ride aboard Zarok's train seems like it was meant to take Dan completely around the exterior of Zarok's Lair. Was the ride aboard the train originally intended to be longer?

JW - Yes the train journey had a stopping off point at Zarok's Lair. The train journey was not much longer but there was a level based around Dan climbing Zarok's Lair.

2) Another thing about Zarok's Lair; by using a teleport cheat, it has been discovered that parts of the exterior of the lair were built to be solid, and concept art seems to imply that Dan was meant to ascend the Lair's exterior. Was the Lair in-fact intended to be climbed, similar with Cathedral Spires from MediEvil 2?

JW - And yes, there was a level designed around traversing the exterior of Zarok's Lair. You see the castle in the FMV sequence and in the train journey. It was dropped due to pacing and time issues.

3) There was a kind-of newspaper that was released with MediEvil 2.

Do you know anything about this newspaper? Is it canonical to the game?

JW - The newspaper was only used in the Press Kit boxed edition of Med' 2.[a] Most of the Cambridge Studio Press kits (Med 1, 2 and Ghosthunter and Primal) were released to the Press in nice swanky Press boxed editions.



  1. The Medievil Times newspaper was not a part of the MediEvil 2 Press Kit. It was a separate item sent out via direct mail to people on PlayStation's mailing list.