Interview:The-Dan-Fanclub, October 2006

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The-Dan-Fanclub, October 2006
Interviewee(s) Jason Wilson
Interview Subject MediEvil
Language English
URL available? Yes

An interview with Jason Wilson from October 7, 2006 published on The-Dan-Fanclub on DeviantArt.


Hey everyone, This is the email I recieved after sending Jason Wilson (check previous journal) a tribute pic, which I shall upload. BTW, the email I sent him is broken up into sections, as he answered it piece by piece. Anything you see with my name before it was in my email. So, this ISN'T an IM conversation! Enjoy! :

(JASON) "Hello Eoin" or should i say "Mwrrr brr ra Reoin" (Dan speak),

(ME) I only recently stumbled across your site, and being a massive MediEvil fan, I adored all that concept art!!

(JASON) Glad you enjoyed Medievil and all it's various incarnations!

(ME) To me, its like gold!

(JASON) Happy that you enjoyed the concept art - i put it up there for fans like you.

(ME) ^_^ Anyways, as a thanks for creating such a marvellous game (and a superb voice in Resurrection), I drew a tribute for ya. ;)

(JASON) That's fantastic! I am deeply honoured! I'll print it out and put it next to my other artwork! :) Dan is my favourite character I have ever designed.

(ME) BTW, d'you think there'll be anymore of Dan in the future?

(JASON) Who knows... who knows... you just can't keep a good skeleton down.

(ME) If not games, a film adaption would be awesome! Or perhaps some merchandise!

(JASON) Over the years there has been talk of a movie or an animated TV show (I think originally a French company was interested - Medievil was a big hit in France). A film would be cool indeed! I guess you will have to make do with A nightmare before christmas! As for merchandise - some press stuff was made - badges, a model of the Dan hand (which looks extrememly cool but I would say pretty much impossible to get hold of - I only have one and it sits next to my Bafta). I often think that a Medievil comic book would be very cool!

(ME) Thanks a bunch and seeya. :) P.S. Here's the deviantart Dan Fanclub if you want a check :…

(JASON) I checked it out - that's a great page, I read all the forums and looked at all the art - it makes me happy, I showed it to Chris who was the director on Med 1 (which is my favourite - the original ;)). I'll check back now and again to see what is on there. I believe there is another Medievil fan site too (but without all the fan art).

All the best,



So, whaddy'a people think? I was really interested in the animated series, I still only hope it might arrive! Once again, Jason's site can be found at