King of Cups (1998)

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This article is about the trophy in the original game. For the trophy in the remake, see King of Cups.
King of Cups
Description Collect all the Chalice rewards.
Trophy type
Hidden No
Prior trophy Morten Would Be Proud
Next trophy Wolfsbane

King of Cups is a gold trophy in MediEvil.

How to unlock

Collect all 20 chalices in the game. There is one in each level, except for Dan's Crypt, Zarok's Lair and The Ant Caves. However, despite not having a chalice, The Ant Caves does grant Sir Dan free entry to the Hall of Heroes by completing the fairy sidequest. It is necessary to complete the sidequest to earn the trophy.

Behind the scenes


This trophy is based on the trophy of the same name in the MediEvil remake:

King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.

Trophy name

The trophy name is likely a reference to the tarot card of the same name.


A similar trophy appears in the 2023 port of MediEvil: Resurrection:

Chalice of Heroes Chalice of Heroes
Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.

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