The Ant Caves

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The Ant Caves
General information
AKA Ants' Nest
Chalice Yes
Boss(es) Ant Queen
Enemies Ant Soldiers, Ant Workers
Music (original) IG3
Music (remake) Carpal Tunnels
Chronological information
Previous level The Enchanted Earth
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Antagonist Antagonist
Eradicate the Queen Ant and her minions.
Witches' Familiar Witches' Familiar
Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both witch quests.
"Did you know ants use scents to find their way through their labyrinthine colony? Outsiders who visit sorely lack scents."
― Loading screen description

The Ant Caves is a quest found in MediEvil. This level was not remade for MediEvil: Resurrection.

To begin the level, Daniel has to summon the Witch of the Forest near her cauldron in the Enchanted Earth using the Witch Talisman. She will task him with finding seven pieces of Amber in the Ant's nest. If he refuses to help her, the quest will not initiate and will not be available until the game is reset or the Enchanted Earth is completed. If he fails to bring her seven pieces of Amber, she'll refuse to reward him.


Book of Gallowmere







Main article: Books in MediEvil

Book 1

This magic portal was crafted by the faeries. It appears to have been crafted to prevent something escaping from the tunnels below.

Book 2

If you are brave enough to go beyond this point you will enter the chamber of the dreaded Queen Ant.

Be aware, once you have encountered her six-legged regalness there will be no going back!

Behind the scenes


The level was heavily inspired by the Alien movies and was said to be "essentially a silly version of Aliens" by Jason Wilson.[1]


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name Meaning
Arabic ”كهوف النمل”
"khuf alniml"
Bulgarian Пещерите на мравките
Peshterite na mravkite
Croatian Mravlje pećine -
Czech Mravenčí jeskyně -
Danish Myrehulerne -
Dutch De mierengrotten -
Finnish Muurahaisluolat -
French (France) Caverne des Fourmis -
German Die Ameisenhöhlen -
Greek Οι Σπηλιές των Μυρμηγκιών
Oi Spiliés ton Myrminkión
Hungarian A hangyajáratok -
Italian Le caverne delle formiche -
Japanese アリの巣
Ari nosu
Ant Nest
Norwegian Maurhulene -
Polish Mrówcze jaskinie -
Portuguese (Brazil) As Cavernas de Formigas -
Portuguese (Portugal) Cavernas das Formigas -
Romanian Peșterile Furnicilor -
Russian Пещеры муравьев
Peshchery murav'yev
Spanish (LatAm) Las Cuevas de las Hormigas -
Spanish (Spain) Las Cuevas de las hormigas -
Swedish Myrgrottorna -
Turkish Karınca Mağaraları -


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