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Dan's Crypt

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Dan's Crypt
General information
Chalice No
Enemies None
Health Fountain(s) None
Music (original) The Awakening
Music (remake) After a Nice Long Nap
FMV before level 2AV
Chronological information
Level number 1.
Previous level Title Level
Next level The Graveyard
"Rise and shine, Dan! Looks like you've got a second chance at this whole hero-thing. Try not to blow it this time, eh?"
― Loading screen description

Dan's Crypt is the introductory level in both MediEvil and its 2019 remake.

Here, the player will be introduced to Sir Daniel Fortesque and will be given an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the land of Gallowmere and moving the newly-revived knight around the field.


As Dan (with his little friend Morten the Earthworm in tow) rises from his dais, he will be addressed by the snarky gargoyles on either side of the hall. They don't think he will succeed in his new mission, but they certainly welcome him to try. Grab the Throwing Daggers and Small Sword just ahead. The Daggers will always respawn on replay, so keep this in mind. Also grab the Life Bottle sitting on some dirt from a cave-in, which increases Dan's energy reserves by 300 units and therefore counts as one extra life.

Note the off-colour panel at the right-hand side of the wall—Dan cannot do anything with it quite yet, but he will soon be able to.

Head left at the intersection to reach a room with an aqueduct. Cross these shallow waters to move further in to some gold and a chest with a Copper Shield. Grab the Star Rune in the vicinity as well.

Head back and place the Rune in the begging hand near the shut gate, then run toward Zarok's magic slime to complete the area.

Return run

After obtaining a Club from Cemetery Hill, Dan can return to smash the off-colour wall. The wall can also be smashed using the Hammer or the Daring Dash ability, but the Club is the earliest smashing method available. Inside await some chests of gold as well as a brand new Life Bottle. Exit the same way as before, and Dan will complete the level with a coveted green checkmark.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Danova hrobka Same as English.
French Crypte De Daniel Daniel's Crypt
German Dans Krypta Same as English.
Italian La Cripta di Sir Daniel Sir Daniel's Crypt
Japanese 納骨堂 Ossuary
Portuguese Cripta do Dan Same as English.
Spanish Cripta de Dani Same as English.

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