Millennium Interactive

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Millennium Interactive
Type Video game developer / publisher
Founded July 27, 1989[1]
Defunct since July 4, 1997[2]
Headquarters Quern House, Mill Court, Great Shelford, United Kingdom (1993 - 1997)[3]
Key people Michael Hayward, Ian Saunter, Toby Simpson, Steve Grand, Chris Sorrell
Products James Pond, Creatures

Millennium Interactive was a video game publishing and development company based in the village of Great Shelford near Cambridge, England. It was responsible for titles such as Rome: Pathway to Power, The Adventures of Robin Hood, James Pond, Defcon 5, Deadline and most notably, Creatures. The first MediEvil began development at the studio in 1995, prior to Millennium's acquisition by Sony in 1997.


The company that would eventually become Millennium Interactive was legally incorporated on July 27, 1989, under the name Starclear Software Ltd.[1] Not long after, the company became Logotron Entertainment Ltd, a branch of Logotron focused on entertainment products.[1] By 1992, it became Millennium Interactive due to a management buyout.[1][4]

In November 1994, CyberLife was set up to build products focused on artificial life. By November of 1996, there were 10 people in this department.[citation needed]

On July 4th, 1997, the Millennium development studio, along with several of their projects in development, was sold to Sony Computer Entertainment for £6 million and renamed to SCEE Cambridge Studio.[2][5] This allowed Sony to acquire MediEvil.


  • Millennium shared its office building with Nichimen Graphics,[6] whose software N-World was used in the creation of MediEvil.[7]


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