Moghul Tandoori

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Moghul Tandoori
MediEvil (1998) Development Support Team
MediEvil 2 Special Thanks
"As for the Indian restaurant we get our food from, James always places the orders and they recognise him on the phone and say, "How are you", because we've ordered like twice a week for the past two years. I'm sick of pizza, not quite sick of curries yet."
Paul Donovan, Main Programmer on MediEvil[1]

Moghul Tandoori was an Indian takeaway restaurant in Cambridge. MediEvil's development team, SCEE Cambridge Studio, would often order food from them during the development of the first and second MediEvil.[1][2] The restaurant was credited in both games' credits as a result.

Moghul Tandoori closed down in 2018 after more than 30 years of service.[3]

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