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European version.
AKA Title logo, SCEIAV
Length 0:25
Preceded by N/A
Followed by IntroAV

TitleAV (or SCEIAV in the Japanese version) is the first FMV in MediEvil. It is shown before the title card of the game. It was not recreated for the 2019 remake of the game.


An unsettling dark melody sets the scene. Past rotating spheres and clock-like machinery with zodiac markings lies a simple message: "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe/America/Inc. Presents." This is followed by a screen revealing the title of the game: MediEvil.

Behind the scenes


The original version of the FMV showed the game title at the end instead of "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents." This version can be seen in the MediEvil ECTS Pre-Alpha.

The FMV went unused in the Japanese version, where it is instead replaced by a still image, although a modified FMV does appear on the disc.

File versions

The FMV file is TITLEAV.STR (SCEIAV.STR in the Japanese version) on disc.

Version File date Size MD5 SHA-1
ECTS Pre-Alpha 1997-04-01 7,536,640 717F4B21974F221DDB900AFDFAC4D5C0 908430AE36E3EC7E747304FCC8D3E08AEE4FAD94
English Master 1998-04-01 7,733,248 5371217DCBFAB3DEFC3301E2FDB0F174 641F289B7BD1CE4DCAD8DC66E6AB28472CD50490
USA Master 1998-09-17 7,733,248 6CAB6067FF56F869FF8BC87424849C49 7468D0BD351B10B8E0AD82A8636A1AC154C70D13
Japanese Master 1999-01-29 7,970,816 F742C01FEE2C24CA843399A01FB9EA24 47817C3B7899D305DA2C87AFA545AEDE6A47AE60


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